"The toy toggle gives such peace of mind and I cannot live without mine. I have 3 and use them everyday. Such a brilliant idea to help make life that much more convenient and easy. My baby's toys and bottles have less germs and I am not running around cleaning her toys off the floor or losing toys. I cannot imagine life without my toggle."

Robyn's mom - age 1

"This innovative little gadget is just one of those things you won't leave the house without! It makes time spent with baby just that much more enjoyable with one less thing to worry about. The ToyToggle was designed with moms and babies in mind: moms are busy enough with little time and energy to spare on lost accessories; while baby's hunger to grasp and explore new things is not dampened by the frustration of dropping things they've finally got their hands (and mouths) on! Simple. Clever. Something else to attach to."

Ava and Gia's mom - age 2 and 10 months

"I'm absolutely loving my toy toggles. They get used while feeding in the high chair, on the pram, hooked to the handbag, the play pen, the shopping trolley, the car seat and even my wrist."

Keira's mom - age 1

"You have a great product! I know how annoying it is when my toddler drops the bottle down all the time, so for me this is a life saver. I feel much better giving her the bottle knowing its safe"

Kitana's mom - age 1


Toy Toggle is not a toy, use only with adult supervision, always attach on end of Toy Toggle to a fixed object such as a highchair or stroller.
Always attach a toy or bottle to opposite end.
Do not use in a crib, play yard or bed.

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